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Student Worker/Work Study Student New Hire Instructions

Please read all of the instructions below before completing and while completing your hiring forms and tasks. Complete all forms and tasks before you are scheduled to meet with your School Coordinator. If you have any questions, please contact your School Coordinator.

New Employee Information Sheet Information provided on this form will be entered into the Human Resources (HR)/Payroll system. Please print clearly and provide your legal name(s) as well as all information requested, except in the areas marked “HR USE ONLY”. Human Resources will fill in these sections. In the “PERS Information” section, please mark “NO”.
Statement of FERPA Understanding Fill in your last name, your first name, and where you will be working. Read the form carefully. Sign and date the form then have your principal/supervisor sign and date it.
Employment Eligibility Verification (Form I-9) Please complete, sign, and date Section 1. Bring the “ACCEPTABLE DOCUMENTS” listed on page 3 with you when you meet with your School Coordinator. Do not complete Section 2. Your School Coordinator will complete Section 2 of this form.
Equal Employment Opportunity Form The Eugene School District is an equal opportunity employer and requests that employees disclose demographic information for state reporting. If you choose to complete this form, be sure to sign and date on the back. HR will fill in your Employee ID number.
Form W-4
You will choose your tax withholdings on this form. Please complete the bottom section of the worksheet, entitled “Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate”. The middle section and back page are optional. The District is unable to give tax advice regarding withholdings. If you have questions, please contact your parent or guardian before completing this form.
Direct Deposit


Payroll Authorization

Setting up direct deposit for your paycheck is optional. If you choose to complete this form, be sure to include the proper bank account information and attach a voided check. If you do not set up direct deposit, your paychecks will be mailed to your home address each month. You can change to direct deposit at any date in the future if you change your mind
Payment Options for Fingerprint-Based Criminal History Verification Processing You must pay the $66 fee for the Oregon Department of Education to complete your criminal history verification. This form allows you to choose your method of payment.
Fieldprint Fingerprinting Before you can start working, you must schedule and complete a fingerprint scan at Fieldprint Fingerprinting. You should receive an email from your School Coordinator with the following instructions:


  •  Go to: Field Print Oregon
  •  Click on “Schedule an Appointment”
  •  Enter your email address under “New Users/Sign Up”
  •  Click “Sign Up”
  •  Follow the instructions for creating a Password and Security Question, then click   “Sign Up and Continue”
  •  Enter the following Eugene School District Fieldprint Code: FPEugeneSD4J
  •  Enter the required contact and demographic information:
    • Name
    • Alias (if any)
    • Country of Citizenship
    • Social Security Number
    • Date of Birth
    • City & State of Birth
    •  Sex/Gender
    •  Race
    •  Height
    •  Weight
    •  Eye Color
    •  Hair Color
    •  Home Address
    •  Work/Office Address
    •  Phone Number
    •  Email Address
  •  Schedule your fingerprint appointment at the Eugene or Springfield location
  •  During this process, you will need the District’s “Institution ID #” which is: 2082
  •  Also, during this process, you must pay $12.50 using a credit card.
  •  At the end of the process, print your confirmation page.
  •  Take the confirmation page with you to your fingerprint appointment, along with two forms of identification:
    • Acceptable primary IDs include:
      • State-issued Driver’s License
      • State-issued Non-Driver’s License ID Card
      • U.S. Passport
      • Military Identification Card
      • Work Visa w/ Photo
      • DOD Common Access Card
      • Foreign Driver’s License
    • Acceptable secondary IDs include:
      • Credit Card
      • Bank Statement
      • Electric Bill
      • Birth Certificate
      • Marriage Certificate
      • Citizenship or Naturalization Certificate
      • School ID w/ Photograph
      • Vehicle Registration/Title
      • Voter Registration Card
      • Bank Statement/Paycheck Stub
      • Draft Record
      • Native American tribal document