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Renewing License with TSPC – Information and Important Tips


One of your professional responsibilities is to ensure you have an active teaching license with the Teacher Standards and Practices Commission (TSPC).

It is the employee’s responsibility to renew their license(s).  The Eugene School District is not responsible for renewing an employee’s license(s) or notifying them when the license(s) will expire.  Be aware of your expiration date and renew your license early.

The district cannot allow a licensed employee to work if their license has expired.  An employee who lets their license expire, without receiving another license, will be placed on unpaid leave.  See Oregon Administrative Regulation 584-200-0020 and District Board Policy GCA – License Requirements for more information.

Renewing your license is an important process that takes time and planning. The information below is intended to support and help teachers in the Eugene School District 4J during the process.

General Information and Tips

  • TSPC has transitioned to an online-only process for obtaining and renewing a license. To begin the process, visit
  • Know the date your license expires. It is not always your birthday.
  • You must apply to renew the license prior to the expiration date to avoid late fees and to ensure timely processing of your renewal. TSPC recommends applying no less than 10 days prior to the expiration of your license and no more than 90 days prior.  The district recommends applying 90 days prior to the expiration of your license.
  • You are responsible for keeping your contact information current with TSPC, including email, address, and phone number. If you have a legal name change, you are also responsible for changing your name with TSPC.
  • Plan ahead. Communication with TSPC can take time (including the communication between HR and TSPC on your behalf). It is important to note that TSPC supports all licensed school staff in the State of Oregon and has very limited resources and staff.
  • Know your resources. TSPC has created a Frequently Asked Questions page that has current and helpful information. Visit this page before you begin the renewal process. Some of your questions may be answered here:
  • Be professional in all communications with TSPC. They are there to help and we have witnessed TSPC being exceptionally supportive and helpful to many of our teachers who have been gracious and kind to them.

Application, Fee, PDU Log, and PEER Form Information

  • Submit your application (previously called C1) and fee via eLicensing 10-90 days before your license expires.
  • Submit your PDU log to HR at least one month before your license expires. You can find the PDU Log Form on the HR website:
  • Make sure you assign a domain to all your PDU’s.
  • HR is prompted to generate a PEER Form upon receipt of your PDU Log. We will electronically submit a PEER Form to TSPC the month your license expires or as soon as possible if you are in an Active Grace Period.
  • The district will complete the PEER form for any licensed or administrative staff member who held an FTE position with the district at any point during their current license period.

Example A: Jane Doe’s license was granted on 05/21/2018 and expires on 06/09/2021.  Jane was hired as a high school teacher during the 2020/21 school year.  Since Jane worked in an FTE position for the Eugene School District in 2020/21, the district will be able to complete a PEER form for her.

Example B: John Doe’s license was granted on 04/06/2017 and expired on 05/26/2020.  John was an elementary teacher during the 2015/16 school year.  Since John had not worked in an FTE position for the Eugene School District between 04/06/2017 and 05/26/2020, the district is not able to complete a PEER form for him.

  • You can log into your eLicensing portal on TSPC’s website to verify the PEER form has been received.
  • The district is not able to complete PEER forms for Guest Teachers.

Guest Teachers visit must visit website for information. There is a $25.00 processing fee. Questions and concerns can be directed to

  • Your application and fee may be processed before HR has submitted your PEER Form. If you receive an email from TSPC informing you of a missing PEER Form, as long as you have submitted your PDU Log to HR, no further action is needed by you. We will ensure your PEER Form is
  • Please note, hosting a student worker qualifies for PDU credit at a 1:1 exchange (one hour = 1 PDU).
  • If you are renewing a CTE License, make sure you understand your professional development plan and follow it closely. HR encourages anyone on a CTE plan to start checking in with TSPC three (3) to four (4) months before expiration regarding expectations to ensure all the pieces are in place to renew your license. There is currently no grace period for a CTE license. If you need additional support, contact Tia Holliday-Odegard ( the District’s CTE and College and Career Readiness

What happens if your license expires?

  • OAR 583-036-0010 clearly states that the district is not allowed to have any licensed employee working in any capacity if their license is expired.
  • If your license expires, you will be pulled from your assignment as soon as we become aware of the issue.
  • Human Resources will work with the school to arrange for a Guest Teacher to immediately replace your assignment.
  • The absence will be a pay deduct for a minimum of 4 hours but will continue until your license is placed in “active status” (grace period or renewed).
  • If your expired license is determined to have been due to TSPC or Human Resources error, there will not be a pay deduct.