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School Counselors

School Counselor Professional Growth & Evaluation
Using leadership, collaboration and advocacy, the Professional School Counselor plans, delivers, manages and promotes a comprehensive guidance and counseling program that focuses on student needs and outcomes. As an integral component of the school’s academic mission, the Comprehensive Guidance and Counseling Program provides systematic, developmental, culturally responsive guidance and counseling essential to the success of each and every student. Data driven and student centered, the Comprehensive Guidance and Counseling Program focuses on the needs, assets and potential of each student in the areas of academic, social/emotional, career, and community involvement.

Oregon’s Comprehensive Guidance and Counseling Framework

School Counselor Master Calendar and Delivery Plan – The Counselor will include their master calendar and delivery plan in the Yearly Action Plan (a form in TalentEd Perform) at the beginning of the school year. This document can be used throughout the year to update schedule, activities, and delivery plan as they change over time.


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