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Leaves of Absence – FAQ

General Leave of Absence Q&A

When is a Leave of Absence Request required?

A leave of absence request is required for all leaves of more than five (5) days or a bereavement leave of any length.

Family Leave of Absence Q&A

When can my parental leave begin?

A parental leave can only begin after the birth of a child, an adoption, or placement of a foster child. In the case of pregnancy, if an employee needs to be out prior to the birth, the employee’s healthcare provider may place them on a pregnancy disability. This allows for a pregnancy disability leave (with documentation from healthcare provider) which will allow for time off in addition to the 12 weeks allowed for parental leave. All of these leaves are unpaid but do allow for use of some paid leave balances.

When do I need to complete the Family Member Medical Certification form?

The Family Member Medical Certification form only needs to be filled out when the Family Medical Leave option is chosen on Section B of the Leave of Absence Request form. Parental leaves do not require the completion of the Family Member Medical Certification form.