Oregon Governor’s Executive Order

Friday, March 5, 2021 18:23

4J’s planned hybrid timeline is similar to Governor’s plan for Oregon schools to resume in-person instruction this spring

Oregon Governor Kate Brown announced March 5 that Oregon schools will return to in-person instruction in a hybrid or on-site model by the week of March 29 for grades K–5 and by the week of April 19 for grades 6–12, if their county is within the state’s advisory health metrics. 

Comprehensive distance learning will continue to be available as an option for families who prefer to keep learning online from home. 

“Thanks to the smart choices Oregonians have made, our COVID-19 numbers have declined,” Governor Brown noted. “The science is very, very clear: with proper safety measures in place, there is a low risk of COVID-19 transmission in school. Oregon parents can be confident about sending their children back to a classroom learning environment.”

The Governor’s timeline is very similar to what is already planned for our students’ return to school buildings in 4J. Eugene schools are preparing for students in kindergarten and first grade to begin hybrid on-site transition and orientation the week of March 15 and the full regular hybrid schedule the week of March 29; grades 2–5 to begin the week of April 5, and grades 6–12 the week of April 12.  

The district is considering what impacts, if any, the Governor’s directive may have for our return to on-site learning in the hybrid model. More detailed information is awaited when the Governor issues her written executive order and the Oregon Department of Education updates specific guidance for schools. 

Eugene School District 4J will continue to center the health, safety and wellbeing of our students, staff and community in planning for on-site learning.