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Retirement, PERS and TSA/403(b)

Retirement, PERS and TSA/403(b)

There are many things to consider when you are thinking of retiring. It is often overwhelming to many so here you will find some helpful information to aid in the decision-making process to ensure you have everything you need when the time is right. Retirement planning is important for all employees at all stages of their lives and careers — not just for those nearing retirement. Eugene School District 4J offers a variety of programs to assist you with your savings and retirement goals.

We have three district contacts for district retirement information and paperwork processing assistance.   Based on your classification you will contact one of the following

Licensed Benefits Coordinator:
Jamie Myers

Classified Benefits Coordinator:
Sally Duerfeldt

MAPS Benefit Coordinator:
Colleen Jones

For information on your PERS account, you will need to contact them directly.  You can reach their website and contact information by clicking on the link below.


You may be able to continue your group medical, dental, vision and life insurance plans. Please refer to the applicable bargaining agreement or reach out the benefit coordinator for your unit.

We have provided information for two separate stages in the planning process — resources for those who are actively planning for long-term retirement and those who are preparing to retire.

There are several things to consider when retiring:

  • Income – Learn more about PERS and TSA/403(b)
  • Insurance – Medical, Dental, Vision, Life and Disability
  • Beneficiaries – You can view or change your current designated beneficiary for your life insurance through your OEBB portal.  You can contact PERS directly to verify your beneficiaries for your retirement account through them, if applicable.