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Substitute Sick Time

If you will be out sick, and want to use earned sick time, you should remove yourself from that position, or day, within Absence Management (AM) with reason “Sick”.  This will allow the system to find a replacement for that one day as well as document that you were sick. Please click here for a guide regarding removing yourself from one day in a multiple day job if you only want to remove yourself from one day in the multiple day job.

After you have removed yourself, which allows Absence Management (AM) to search for a new substitute, fill out this Google form to Request to Use Accrued Sick Leave. The reason must be a qualifying reason under ORS 653.616.

You can, at any time, check your paid sick time balances on the bottom of your pay stub.  To view an electronic pay stub click here.

Other Key Information Regarding Substitutes use of Sick Time

  • Must have earned sick time available to use
  • Guest Teachers use 4 or 8 hour increments
  • Classified subs use 15 minute increments
  • Sick time may be used only for a period for which the employee is already scheduled for work. Employees may not accept assignments for a day the employee anticipates needing to take sick time.
  • If the need to use sick time is foreseeable then they must give at least a 10 day notice and already have an assignment.
  • If the need to use sick time is unforeseeable then they must give notice as soon as practicable and no later than 7 calendar days after.

If you would like more information regarding sick time, please view board policy GCBDD/GDBDD by clicking here.