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Substitute Zoom Training Information

Below is a lot of helpful information to assist our wonderful substitutes to learn more about how to use Zoom and then in return help in the digital classroom during Comprehensive Distance Learning (CDL).

The 4J Technology Department has put together a lot of information regarding Zoom meeting security. The information can be found by clicking here

You can log into a Zoom account by clicking here. (Please note, Guest Teachers and Educational Assistant Substitutes will need a district Zoom account in order to sub during CDL)

The Technology Department has created tons of videos and guides regarding Zoom. Those can be found by clicking here.  Note, you will need to be logged into your 4J account to access this page.   A guide regarding how to sign out of a personal google account and log into your 4J Google account can be found here if you are having difficulties viewing this page.

Once you have reviewed the above information, complete the google form linked here to request a paid/upgraded Zoom account.

Having trouble logging into the google form above?  You may need to sign out of a personal google account.  A helpful guide can be found here.