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Creative Current: 4Js Design Studio

Creative Current is 4J’s student-run Design Studio for juniors and seniors. Students operate a digital design company that develops logos, posters, videos, and digital marketing collateral for real clients, including district-based and local non-profit organizations. 

Students who enroll for one year will learn basic skills across our curriculum, while those who choose two years will have more in-depth knowledge of the industry by the time they graduate. Our program will prepare students for a variety of possible next steps, including jobs in digital media or graphic design, freelance work, or next-level education at the community college or university level. 

In the studio, learning and teaching is a community effort. We have teacher-led demonstrations, peer-to-peer collaborative processes, and workshops with professionals in the design industry. Active participation and attendance are necessary for success in this program. The hands-on, collaborative learning environment of Creative Current makes it a great place for students looking for support with academic and/or social/emotional learning. We welcome students on 504s and IEPs, and students from the TENS program. 

The Creative Current studio is located in a professional building in downtown Eugene. Students from all 4J high schools meet together with either the morning or the afternoon cohort. A 4J school bus transports students from their home schools to and from the studio.  Students may also choose to use LTD or other transportation. Because our studio time extends beyond the regular school day, we can work with students who participate in extracurricular activities. 

  • Each of the follwoing courses is worth 0.5 credits and can be taken up to four times. 

    Graphic Design Studio (AF)

    Digital Media Studio (AF)

    Design Production Studio (AF)

    Literature and Composition III or IV (English)


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