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Future Build

Future Build students experience true authentic learning that provides opportunities for their own futures while simultaneously creating meaningful and sustainable changes for their community. Future Build students work with industry partners to co-create housing projects to tangibly and significantly transform people’s lives. Through Future Build, 4J CTE students will gain skills and knowledge that will prepare them for family wage, high demand Lane County jobs in trades that are hungry for a job-ready workforce.

  • Students may take the following classes:

    Context Math Const I & II, CTE (MA)
    Communicate in Trades I & II, CTE (LA)
    Trade Skills I & II, CTE/CN (AF)
    Construction I A & B, CTE (AF)
    Carpentry II A & B, CTE
    Wk Based Learning I & II, CTE (AF)

    Each class is work 0.5 credits.

Forecasting Resources

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Contact Us

ADDRESS: 1045 Willamette St, Eugene OR  97401 P

PHONE:  541-731-0199