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4J Technology Use Expectation for Staff and Students

Users of email, chat, blogs and other network services should be aware of the common expectations  that users expect from one another.

  • Follow Eugene School District 4J guidelines for email signatures.
  • Email messages are not guaranteed to be private. The system operator of 4JNet has access to all mail in order to maintain the system.
  • When sending email, make your “subject” as descriptive as possible.
  • Do not post the personal addresses or phone numbers of students or colleagues.
  • Check your email frequently and delete after reading it. Eudora users should delete messages and empty the trash on a regular basis to keep the hard drive from filling up.
  • Proofread and edit messages before they are sent, but be tolerant of errors in messages from others.
  • Be careful when using sarcasm and humor: without face-to-face communications, a joke may not be taken the way it was intended. ;-)
  • Do not publicly criticize or inflame others.
  • Protect the privacy of other people.
  • Messages written in ALL CAPITALS are difficult to read and are the network equivalent of shouting.