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Risk Management

identify, assess, treat, monitor and report

4J’s Risk Management department is responsible for overseeing our Workers' Compensation program, and administering our Property, Auto and Liability claims.  The Risk Management team reviews various activities for compliance with district policies, administrative directives and state laws (such as OHA and OSHA requirements). 

Risk Management takes an active role in identifying, evaluating and protecting the physical, financial and human assets of Eugene School District 4J.  Activities include reviewing school and departmental safety and loss control procedures to avoid and prevent claims, purchasing insurance, and transferring risk through contracts.

Contact: | 541-790-7670

Safety Committees:
Information / Minutes

The objective for district safety committees is to maintain a commitment and interest on the part of administrators, certified and classified employees in occupational safety and health matters.

  • To increase safety and health awareness throughout the district
  • To assist the administration in minimizing and/or eliminating work place hazards
  • To encourage communication and discussion of problems in the work place that could result in an injury, illness or loss of property.

Safety Drills:
Drills (safety) requirements & steps 

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