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University Student Placement Process


If you are interested in hosting a university student, consider taking advantage of this valuable experience. Doing so will help us continue promoting an ongoing culture of learning and support for the Oregon school workforce.

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University Student Placement Process

University Student Placement Process

Congratulations on your placement as a university student with Eugene School District 4J.

You will find 3 steps outlined below that will guide you through the 4J placement process.

Step 1 with arrow icon

Work with your university to identify a 4J cooperating teacher or classroom placement.

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Eugene School District 4J university student placements are divided into two categories. Use the definitions below to determine the appropriate category for your placement with 4J.

Category 1
University student
This placement group may include field study, observation, volunteering, assistance and/or engaging in general classroom experiences. University students in this group do not require access to 4j student information systems and learning platforms. Host teachers are not required to provide official evaluations and are not compensated by your program/university for this placement.

Category 2
University teacher candidate/professional
This placement group includes students actively teaching P-12 students with the guidance from a cooperating teacher (CT) or providing a professional service with supervision from a cooperating professional (CP). Access to 4J student information systems and learning platforms is required to complete the placement successfully. The CT / CP is compensated by the program/ university for this placement.

If you are unsure which category to select for your placement needs please contact your university supervisor or

Step 3 with arrow icon

After your placement category has been determined, select the corresponding link below and follow the outlined clearance process.

Category 1 – University student
Category 2 – University teacher candidate/professional

If you have questions about any portion of the placement process please contact

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