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Eugene School District 4J offers three different dental plans to choose from (Delta Dental Plan 5, Delta Dental Plan 6, and Willamette Dental).


MODA/Delta Dental – MODA dental plans are offered through Delta Dental.  Delta Dental is the largest dental network in Oregon.  In this plan, you will have the option to choose providers that are in network or out of network.  You will save money by seeing providers in the Delta Dental Network but you are not required to.

Willamette Dental – Willamette Dental Group has been providing quality dental care to school district employees in the Pacific Northwest for over 30 years.  To receive benefits from this plan you must visit a Willamette Dental Group provider.  You can find additional information, an office or provider here.


The employee cost for dental insurance can be found under Rates.  You may choose to waive the dental coverage but you are not allowed to enroll in Dental coverage without medical coverage.¹

¹If you don’t enroll yourself or a dependent in dental coverage when initially eligible, then choose to enroll during an Open Enrollment period, whoever is being added to coverage will be considered a ‘late enrollee’.  Late enrollees are subject to a 12-month waiting period on all dental plans, meaning only diagnostic and preventive care will be covered for the first full 12 months of coverage.

Comparison Chart to compare all plans:  Dental Plan Summaries  Dental options are (Delta Dental Plan 5 , Delta Dental Plan 6, and Willamette Dental Group)


Member Handbooks:

2023-24 Delta Dental Premier Plan 5 Handbook

2023-24 Delta Dental Premier Plan 6 Handbook

2023-24 Willamette Dental