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Eugene School District 4J New Hire Orientation FAQ

Eugene School District 4J New Hire Orientation FAQ

General Questions

1) When can I report to my building/department?

You are not approved to report to your building/department in any capacity until you have completed new hire processing with an HR representative.


2) How do I get my ID badge?

If you are a new employee, to the system an HR staff member will take your photo during the new hire processing.  Please bring your best smile to processing.

If you are changing positions within the district, HR will request a new badge be issued and mailed to your new work location.  This can take up to two weeks.


3) How do I get access to my 4J email?

After you have been entered into the HRIS system you will generate an email address.  For instructions on how to activate your district email see the “Activating your 4J E-Mail Account” document on the HR general information webpage.


4) I’m new to the district and would like to attend professional development with my peers.  How do i sign up?

You view district sponsored professional development (PD) by visiting the districts workshop page.  Click on the “workshop” link under the “staff” drop down above.

Your building secretary should be able to register you for professional development (PD).  Different schools have different program specific PD that is coordinated at the building level.


5) When do I get paid/how many checks will I get?

All contact employees (MAPS, Licensed and Classified)

  • Pay installments are generally issued on the last working day of the month.

Licensed employees

  • Per collective bargaining agreement, the contact year is August through July.  If you are hired before mid-August, your salary will be divided into 12 monthly installments.  If you are hired after the start of the report date for licensed staff, your annual salary may be divided into fewer installments.

Walk-On Coaching employees

  • You will be paid in three equal installments. This amount comes from your Athletic Director and is dependent on the sport and position you are in.  The following seasons are paid in the following months.
    • Fall Sports (Football, Soccer, Volleyball, Cross Country, ext.) – Paid September, October and November
    • Winter Sports (Wrestling, Basketball, Swimming, Water Polo, ext.) – Paid December, January and February
    • Spring Sports (Baseball, Softball, Track, Tennis, Lacrosse, Golf, ext.) – Paid March, April and May

All other employees

  • The pay period is the 16th of the month through the 15th of the following month with all time worked between those two periods paid on the last business day of the month.


6) Is there a place I can get help with benefit questions?

Colleen Jones is the Benefits Manager.  You can contact Colleen via email at or via telephone at (541) 790-7675.

Licensed Staff – your primary contact will be Jamie Myers, Licensed Benefits Coordinator.  You can contact Jamie via email at or via telephone at (541) 790-7682.

Classified Staff – your primary contact will be Arthur Hart, Classified Benefits Coordinator.  You can contact Arthur via email at or via telephone at (541) 790-7679.

Questions Specific to Licensed New Hires

1) When will I find out my salary schedule placement?

After HR has received all official transcripts and employment verification you will be notified via district email with final salary placement.  Until all documents are received you will remain on the Bachelors column at step 1.

NOTE: there is a max of 12 years of past experience for step placement.


2) Do I get paid vacation?

Licensed staff members do not accumulate nor are granted paid vacation.  See articles 8 and 9 of the District/EEA Collective Bargaining Agreement for a full list of leave time you are eligible for.


3) When will I get a contract?

Contracts are created annually, after the beginning of the school year.  Documentation of salary schedule placement, employment status and probationary level when applicable will be sent to your primary location or via district email in either late fall or winter.


4) What is Synergy and how do I get access?

Synergy is a student information system used by the District.  A representative in your building, likely your building secretary, will have key information regarding training opportunities.  More information can be found at too.