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Q&A: New Hires (or Newly Benefits-Eligible)

  • A: You should set an appointment to have an orientation meeting in Human Resources.  Benefits are just one part of the important information you will receive in your orientation meeting.  To make your appointment, call (541) 790-7670.

  • A: All forms are available on the 4J website.  Click HERE for the forms and a short description of each one.

  • A: We request that you turn in your enrollment forms within 14 days of your eligibility dates however you must submit your enrollment forms within 31 days of your first day of work in a benefits-eligible position.

  • A: Your benefits take effect your first day of work in your benefits-eligible position.

  • A: The coverage itself will be retroactively effective back to the proper date for that plan (see above).  It takes time to process everything once you turn in the forms, so if you receive services prior to receiving your cards in the mail, you may have to deal with the inconvenience of paying the full amount up front and getting reimbursed by the insurance carrier once everything is in place.  Sometimes providers will agree to see you and delay submitting the claim until your insurance is in place, but they are not required to do so.